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Corey and Elo-Ly Bailey

Camera Photos 074Corey and Elo-Ly moved here fulltime in 2004 from Miami ,Fl.  Elo-Ly was born in Austria and Corey moved to Miami from Cleveland, Ohio. They have a daughter and two grandchildren in Marietta and are now able to visit them more often.

After careers in Insurance and Risk Management, as Corey had an Allstate Agency and Elo-Ly was Risk Manager of the University of Miami Medical School, they moved to Murphy with the determination to donate their time to the community.  They serve on the Boards of the Friends of the Library and the Master Gardeners where Corey is currently President of both. They are also on the Heritage Partners Board and love the Cultural diversity this community has to offer in Music and  Arts and Crafting which they are discovering with the  Arts Council.

Having traveled a great deal, they can appreciate the value of Murphy and the many experiences  it has to offer everyone.