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CCAC Works for Artists

Thanks for sending this artist opportunity email! We have a good track record…the last one of these you sent me not only did I win, “Best in Show”, I also won the “People’s Choice Award”, and the “Purchase Award” for the Suwanee Sculp Tour, 2012. It really gave me some major exposure, too! I have over a two month waiting list for my kinetic sculptures!
Thank you…I appreciate the outstanding job you do on letting me know when a call for sculptors come out like this. You do your job very well and I appreciate it! Because of you doing your job so well it led to me being published in several major magazines over the last few years like, BlueRidge Country, and the Georgia BackRoads…which is a historical document of Georgia…ensuring me a place in art history as one of Georgia’s most prominent artists. It brought me a whole new level of collectors seeking my paintings and kinetic sculptures, as well.
Again, thank you for doing an outstanding job and keeping us professional artist up to date and in the loop on all the opportunities out there.

Al Garnto