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Color and Healthy Food Project

CCAC began the Color and Healthy Food project in 2011, and now delivers the program each year to all eight Cherokee County Elementary schools. This project has been met with much enthusiasm by educators and students alike. This project teaches color theory and healthy eating habits in a 45 minute presentation for fourth graders. The presentation builds on students’ previous knowledge of color and in a very fun and interactive way explains color theory, introduces vocabulary and relates this to real-life experiences, and goes on to talk about color-rich foods and the science behind antioxidants. The presenter builds a color wheel from cut fruit, and at the end of the presentation the students are invited to eat; sometimes experiencing fruits they have never seen before.

Art in Residency

The Cherokee County Arts Council started its Art in Residency program in 2011 in five county schools. This program brings skilled artists and musicians from across North Carolina to teach for one week in their partner school. Each artist has a strong background in education and has incredible experience working with children through the arts. CCAC has received a large two-year grant to continue and expand this fantastic program! Now CCAC brings 12 Artist Residents per year to visit different schools in the county for an intensive arts week, teaching everything from creative movement to harmonica, to “circles, cycles and spheres” to recycled art sculpture.
As part of this program, CCAC is working with Cherokee County Schools Summer Camp to bring two local artists for two weeks each summer!
We are very excited to have the opportunity to hire these experienced artist/teachers from around the state, as well as providing employment for local artists. The students have loved this great program, and we are so excited to be able to expand and increase this amazing learning experience in our county!