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Zoë Scroggs

Zoë Scroggs is an artist primarily focusing on making art quilts, but who works well with many mediums.  She also enjoys making what she has titled “intercessory paintings”, watercolors, and encaustics.  Zoë,her musically-talented husband, and small dog reside Brasstown.  You can view her work at www.zoescroggs.com

“Growing up in a small town helped me to hone-in my creative talents.  I am fortunate to live in a community that nurtures arts and crafts.  My mother did and all of her sisters do some sort of needlecraft.  Working in fiber to make art quilts helps me feel connected to my roots. My Grandmother always wanted my sister and I to make quilts.  Little did I know how much I would enjoy making them! I don’t think I ever attempted to do so until she died.  I think she would be proud of me.”